Final Fantasy Tactics Advance details

Square’s Tactics baffles us all

Posted by Staff
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance details
A few more details have trickled out of Square Co.’s offices that explain, to a small degree, the mechanics of its latest RTS spin off, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

The first Nintendo/Square collaboration to emerge for nearly eight years, FFTA features three relatively new game systems.

The simplest of three game systems included in FFTA, the Kuran system, enables characters in battle to fight with multiple skills - they become all-rounders, with no specific strength or weakness.

The Judgement system is perhaps the most questionable, whereby a judge is called to decided the outcome of a battle. It is not known exactly how the system works, but it is most likely to be used in stalemate situations or specific battles.

Lastly, the Region Create system disposes of the infamous world map in a favour of a more flexible alternative. Players will have some freedom to create their own hub environment, but again we’re not quite sure how this will be incorporated.

So that leaves us with more questions than answers. All will be revealed when FFTA gets its Japanese launch in November of this year. Stay tuned.


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