Final Fantasy Tactics in Euro silence shocker

It’s all quiet on the Eastern front as US gets confirmation.

Posted by Staff
Final Fantasy Tactics in Euro silence shocker
Achieving advanced levels of consistency is hugely important for any firm. Your suppliers and customers need to be able to predict your actions to some degree, in order for everyone’s needs to be fulfilled.

Which is why we were greatly pleased to see Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA, already available in Japan, confirmed for the US for some point this year, probably towards the close of 2003, indicating that the European release will not happen until 2004.

“We have no mention of Final Fantasy Tactics on our release schedule for this year,” a Nintendo Europe representative stated this morning, confirming our worst fears that Square will again make European gamers, starved of portable Final Fantasy for a decade, wait a year or so for Tactics.

As soon as a release date is set, you’ll be the first to know.


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