Disney’s Dinosaur

Disney Interactive and Ubi Soft Entertainment deliver an interactive prehistoric adventure based on Walt Disney Pictures’ new film.

Posted by Staff
Disney Interactive and Ubi Soft Entertainment announced the debut of Disney’s Dinosaur for the PlayStation game console, the Game Boy Color, the Sega Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2 game console. The videogame, based on the film Disney’s Dinosaur, will also be available on Nintendo’s next-generation game console known as Dolphin next year. The game versions of Disney’s Dinosaur are due in stores together with the movie release, at the end of 2000, in most of the European countries.

Disney’s Dinosaur takes gamers on an interactive adventure filled with cinematic sequences taken directly from the film and up to 14 exciting levels. In this action game, players must combine the skills of three heroes (Aladar, the Iguanodon, Zini, the Lemur and Flia the Pteranodon) in order to fight hostile dinosaurs encountered in unknown locations throughout the expedition. The “points system” of the game allows the skills of each character to progress during the game – the more successful a character proves to be in a fight or a quest, the more proficient his skills will become. Gorgeous real-time 3-D graphics, four different universes and four types of missions make this innovative and unique live-action thriller a prehistoric fight for survival.

The story of Disney’s Dinosaur begins at the end of the Mesozoic era where dinosaurs roam the earth and gigantic winged creatures soar over miles of raging seas. When an egg is snatched and dropped from an Iguanodon’s nest, it tumbles into a tree on an isolated island and is found by a family of friendly lemurs. Life is peaceful for Aladar, the Iguanodon and his lemur family until a meteor collides with Earth and the island is destroyed by fire. Aladar and his family are forced to move to the mainland -- life as they knew it is over. Velociraptors and Carnotaurs stalk the family, food and water are scarce and their future appears bleak. Join Aladar, Zini, and Flia as they confront the unleashed forces of nature while fighting massive dinosaurs in order to protect their friends and lead them to the safety of the Nesting Grounds.

Disney Interactive is delighted to be collaborating with Ubi Soft Entertainment to bring the beauty and innovation of Disney’s Dinosaur to life in the world of interactive entertainment.

Yves Guillemot, CEO, Ubi Soft Entertainment said, “Fans of Disney’s Dinosaur will find that Ubi Soft is committed to making a game with the same incredible visual elements and thrilling intensity found in the film.”