Everquest European Invasion!

Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment to launch localised versions and European service for EverQuest.

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Everquest European Invasion!
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers and Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming, today announced the launch of European versions of EverQuest and its expansion packs. These versions will be playable through new EverQuest servers located in Europe. The European version of EverQuest will be available in English, French and German languages from November 21.

On the same date, the highly anticipated EverQuest add-on The Planes Of Power will also be launched in Europe with English, German and French versions. All versions, including the French and German ones, will allow people to upgrade their existing EverQuest accounts , regardless of whether or not they are playing on US servers.

With this European launch, Sony Online Entertainment and Ubi Soft are addressing the needs of existing EverQuest fans as well as those wanting to benefit from a new European service.

EverQuest is a further step in Ubi Soft's investment in the future of online gaming through its online arm, Ubi.com. It will build upon the existing popularity of EverQuest, which already has more than 430,000 global subscribers, making it one of the most popular and established games within the Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming genre.

Alain Corre, EMEA Managing Director said, "With the ever-growing popularity of EverQuest internationally, this is a great opportunity for Ubi Soft to develop online gaming across all of Europe. We will be offering a localised product that is playable on local servers and managed by local customer service teams and game masters. They will be available 24/7 to help, encourage and develop the local EverQuest community".

Cindy Armstrong, vice president of international operations, Sony Online Entertainment, said, "We are committed to meet the demands of our growing global community. By working with leading companies like Ubi Soft, we continue to expand the reach of EverQuest and facilitate the growth of the European gaming community by offering a truly localised gaming experience."

The launch of the European version of EverQuest is detailed at www.eqloft.com, the European meeting place for all EverQuest gamers. This site manages all information needed by European EverQuest gamers and hosts forums where they can meet new and old friends and exchange gaming anecdotes, in their respective languages.

A second site was launched on Wednesday October 2nd at www.everquest-europe.com with further detailed information about the launch.

N.B. Registration for the Beta Testing of the European servers is open now at www.eqloft.com. Ubi Soft are actively looking for thousands of gamers to trial the new European EverQuest servers before the release. The beta test starts on October 21. Register now!