Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment expand their Partnership For Everquest In Europe

Localised Servers and ubi.com to provide an unparalleled level of access and service.

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Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment expand their Partnership For Everquest In Europe
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced today that it has signed a major new European publishing and support agreement with Sony Online Entertainment Inc., to launch localised versions of EverQuest - the world's most successful massively multiplayer online game.

From fall 2002 onwards, European fans will discover brand new European-based servers, with fully localised game versions in French, German and English. The European EverQuest experience will be enhanced, with European-based customer services, both in-game and offline, provided by local teams at European times in English, German and French. The agreement will result in improved connectivity to brand new EverQuest worlds and easier subscription with local payment methods offered. While Sony Online Entertainment continues to operate the infrastructure, ubi.com, the online arm of Ubi Soft, will provide local Customer Service to European players. Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment will be sharing the online revenues that are generated.

"In the growing sector of massively multi-player online gaming, the success and popularity of EverQuest is unmatched. This partnership signifies a key milestone in Ubi Soft's online strategy. It also signifies a further strengthening of the excellent relationship between Ubi Soft and Sony Online." said Gilles Langourieux, Managing Director of ubi.com.

Commenting on today's agreement was John Smedley, senior vice president and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Online Entertainment: "These are exciting times for everyone at Sony Online Entertainment. EverQuest continues to go from strength to strength. Through this new agreement with Ubi Soft we aim at doubling the number of European subscribers to EverQuest, and we have absolutely no doubts that the future of EverQuest in Europe is in very safe hands".

EverQuest is one of the most popular and successful, massively multiplayer role-playing game in the world. Over 430,000 monthly subscribers regularly enjoy exploring and living within the rich, exciting and ever evolving world of Norath. Enormous virtual environments, diverse species and full economic, political and cultural systems have created a world of endless possibilities and adventure.