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1. Capcom Presents Onimusha: Warlords For PlayStation 2
Onimusha: Warlords comes alive with finely detailed character graphics using 10,000 polygons delivering realistic emotion and character animation.
2. Jonny Moseley Mad Trix Goes Gold
3DO Launches the First “Trick-based” Freeskiing Game for the PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System.
3. Grand Theft Auto V Is Now Available for PC
Grand Theft Auto V is now available for PC at retail stores and via digital download
4. Atari's Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines Videogame
Arnold Schwarzenegger Likeness and Voice Make First Ever Videogame Appearance on All Major Console Systems
5. UK gamers get Savage
ExcLANsive centres to fight beast wars prior to launch.
6. Infogrames Dominates PC Games Sales Charts
Titles account for four of top five slots for week ended November 10, 2001.
7. GTAV Updates: Online Heists Coming March 10
GTAV for PC Coming April 14
8. Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! : The Pokémon Championship 2000
The Pokémon Championship 2000 will begin in July and by September, the UK will have its first ever Pokémon Master.
9. Pizza Connection 2
The dough from which Mafia dreams are made
10. Championship Manager: Season 99/00
A seasonal update for Championship Manager 3. The best CM version ever....