On Film: TitanFall Collectors' Edition Unboxed

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On Film: TitanFall Collectors' Edition Unboxed
TitanFall really is a big deal to Microsoft, EA and Respawn. Chances are that nearly as much money is being spent on marketing the shooter as it is on development*. So, of course there's a Special Collector's Edition and an unboxing.

As you can see from the image illustrating this very story, in the UK the SpeshEdish was exclusive to GAME and has already sold out. So, what you'll be watching is an unattainable box - unless it comes onto Ebay of course, in which case you'll be paying more than the 250 RRP that the SCEs went on sale for. Watch the video and remember, you can get the actual game (after you've read our review of the Beta) later in the year for around the 40 mark.

Bear in mind that his is an official video delivered to us via Youtube.

*Not very big chances.

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