Game Retailer Selling Sex Pants

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The GAME Group is putting its PR people to massively amusing use this morning. But hell, if PR is your passion then why not strip down to a pair of pants (or bra and pants) to sell some branding. It's a banter after all.

This time around, the half-dressed staff are pimping the fact that, "GAME launches pheromone fuelled his ‘n’ hers underwear to entice loved-ones away from the clutches of their console..." in one shop in London. Why not, it's fun and bantz or pants.

Says the blurb, "According to new research by GAME, this Valentine’s Day one in four gamers (23%) admit they will be tempted to slip away for a ‘console quickie’ – unable to resist the urge of a few snatched moments of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V behind their partner’s back.

"And the girls are getting in on the action too - the guilty secret applies just as much to women (19%) as it does to men (26%). Similarly a quarter of gamers (24%) admit that their partner has accused them of paying more attention to their console than to them."

We'll give them kudos here though... both lad and lass were ordered to strip down. No sexism at GAME.


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