On Film: GTA5 Glitch Opens New Level

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On Film: GTA5 Glitch Opens New Level
Clever gamers have discovered a way to open up the wintry aspect of North Yankton in GTAV Online and with a glitch have made it playable!

Basically the glitch/Easter Egg enables you to go into the level - which is yet to be revealed officially but will surely be made available for deathmatching and driving.

CVG reports that, "To access the area online you need to replay GTA5's opening mission (just select it from the missions menu) and play through until you leave the building and the cops arrive.

"Pause the game here and get a friend to invite you to their GTA Online multiplayer game. North Yankton will now appear within the GTA Online map, floating over the south east part of the game but fully acessible via helicopter."



ghoti 11 Dec 2013 12:05
They're probably planning more single player content for North Yankton in the 2014 DLC.
JackMurrayx 11 Dec 2013 23:20
Here right now online! the skins for the buildings are basic but the detail of snow on your car/grit when wheel spinning makes me think they've got major plans for this area!
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