E3 2013: Smash Bros Creator Walks Us Through Wii U, 3DS Versions

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E3 2013: Smash Bros Creator Walks Us Through Wii U, 3DS Versions
Super Smash Bros is hot right now for Nintendo fans. It's one of the best local multiplayer experiences around, after all, and for good reason - who doesn't want to see their favourite cartoon gaming characters duke it out on nostalgic stages? A miniature Nintendo Direct features Masahiro Sakurai explaining and demonstrating gameplay features of the latest Wii U and 3DS entry in the series.

As well as outlining the moves and play styles of many of the game's announced characters - including Animal Crossing's Villager, Mega Man and Wii Fit Trainer - the video shows how play is slightly different on 3DS and Wii U. Lookit. It's gorgeous.

Nintendo usually has a rather extensive (and successful) drip-feed info campaign when it comes to Super Smash Bros, so expect tidbits of fresh information to constantly be outed over the next few months. The game is set for a 2014 release on both platforms.



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