Game & Wario Finally Gets a Release Date

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Game & Wario Finally Gets a Release Date
Nintendo has finally confirmed the release date of Wii U mini-game compilation, Game & Wario. The eclectic party title is due to land in Europe on June 28.

The game will include 12 single-player challenges, along with an extra four multiplayer-only games. Each uses the GamePad in weird and wonderful ways - for example, being able to take photos of crafty thieves at a crime scene, or playing games 'in bed' while looking at the TV to make sure mum doesn't catch you out.

You'll also be able to collect 200 toys that can be fiddled with using the Wii U touchscreen controller.

Nintendo has promised that a number of Wii U 'launch window' games will see light of day during the summer - Game & Wario is one of the first titles to get a firm date. Pikmin 3, despite not having a solid EU date just yet, is said to be arriving in North America in August.


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