Out of Their Skull: New Call of Duty Ghosts Site Live

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Out of Their Skull: New Call of Duty Ghosts Site Live
Call of Duty: Ghosts, the shooty-bang-bang-urggh-your-dead-no-I-ain't-douchebag game from Activision that leaked out recently (phew) has a sparkly new web page with a skull and lots of social sharing schiz.

The site itself does little other than indicate - via the use of a skull made up of tiny images of you and other people like you who have signed up for ActivBlizzard's social networking stuff - that its a new game. In fact, even the url its very self is obscure...


...is the actual address, see... with the game name missing!

Aside from this, well, apparently the full game will be revealed in all of its gory (sic) on May 1st. Check out the site here.

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