High-Res Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories Maps - Right Here

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Rockstar has released a number of high-res maps covering some of the most iconic cities featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. Specifically, that of 1998's Liberty City and 1984's Vice City.

The maps have been released to coincide with the re-release of Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories on PlayStation Network, as PS2 Classics. The studio already released high-res images showcasing the layout of the cities featured in the original PS2 trilogy last year, too. You can get those here.

'Why not compare the old Liberty City to the more recent Liberty City,' suggests Rockstar. To be honest, you could do that. Or you could use the map as a cheat sheet for playing the game itself. Or as a poster. Or none of those things! Whatever you do... just appreciate it, yeah?

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