Nintendo Kicks Off Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign

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Nintendo Kicks Off Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign
Did you know that Nintendo's Famicom console will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year? That's ancient, daddy-o! But still so hip, man. Nintendo isn't the kind of company to avoid a party for its hardware, so it's kicking off seven months of Virtual Console promotions as a result.

The promotion is called the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign, and gives players a way to rent a selection of NES titles for 30 days, at the price of 30 pence. See? Because the Famicom is 30 years old? Oh, you're no fun.

A new game will be made available each month until July - the Famicom's launch month. Balloon Fight is apparently available right now, so go take a look and splash that cash if you want.

Jan: Balloon Fight
Feb: F-Zero
Mar: Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
Apr: Kirby's Adventure
May: Super Metroid
Jun: Yoshi
Jul: Donkey Kong


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