PSA: The Wii U GamePad Can Do 3D (Sort Of)

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PSA: The Wii U GamePad Can Do 3D (Sort Of)
Nintendo has marketed the Wii U GamePad as an alternative display to your big-screen TV. You can take your copy of New Super Mario Bros. U onto the tablet and enjoy the entire thing in your hands. Isn't that nice!? So you would expect that the GamePad is capable of working 3D images, in the same way that any other TV can.

And it is! The revelation was made by IMGMR, but it reports that its 3D capability isn't quite the same stereoscopic experience that you can expect to find on your 3DS. Instead, the GamePad is able to pump out annoying green and red images, that require the use of those funky glasses to make it all work properly.

The feature can be turned on during gameplay via the options menu, and Assassin's Creed III has been reported to work with the functionality. We're not sure if any other games work with it though, or if any extensive game testing has been done on that front. Still, if you decided to get Ubisoft's open world romp on Wii U, that's a nice surprise.


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