GTA V - Media Hype Will Eat Itself

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GTA V - Media Hype Will Eat Itself
Grand Theft Auto V is out next year and the hype within the mainstream and establishment games media has who, like the rest of the world have not even seen the game yet is in full swing already. You may have been able to guess from the first trailer (see end of story) the nature of the lead-character. Well, that role has been blown up into new levels...

CVG has picked up a line from Shortlist magazine regarding the central character. It will stagger you, if you've not seen the trailer or read the piece in Shortlist:

CVG quotes thus: "The protagonist is an East Coast gangster" who moved to the game's Los Santos setting (Rockstar's take on LA and southern California) for a fresh start, the mag says. "But, as in The Godfather III - just as he thought he was out, they pulled him back in."

Shortlist (which we'll cite here) actually says this in a feature called "SECRETS OF GTA V" and subtitled, "What the debut trailer tells us":

"The rumour of multiple playable characters remains unconfirmed. The voiceover is delivered by one person, a presumably middle-aged man (possibly pictured bottom left) talking about moving to the West Coast to escape a life of crime. Although thereís little doubt that, just like Michael Corleone, he gets pulled back in. But unlike most GTA trailers, there isnít one clear protagonist."

So, the lead-character in the game might be... but hold on, he's not even the lead character in the video.

The hype is well and truly upon us. Rockstar has promised more of a reveal at 5pm today GMT.

And here is that first trailer.



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