Incoming PS Vita System Update: Caps Lock!

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Incoming PS Vita System Update: Caps Lock!
Heads up, PlayStation Vita owners - Sony is about to kick out a new software update for your do-everything handheld gaming machine. "Minor enhancements" are planned. Here's a list of the changes in the upcoming version 1.65.

- "Notification Alerts" can be toggled on or off, thanks to a new option in Settings.
- Power Save Settings adds a new option for sleep mode - "after 10 minutes."
- If a new activity is discovered in the LiveArea, an arrow icon will now show up.
- The on-screen keyboard gets a Caps Lock function.

Can there be a system software update that makes the digital version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 work on a Vita now? It's cool. We can wait a bit.


mrAnthony 4 Apr 2012 10:52
heh! thats weird, i literally just bought VC2 last week and enjoying very much.

i wanted to get it digitally to play on my vita but it was actually the 27 for a ditigal copy that put me off (the copy i got at CEX was a whopping 7)
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