Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Makes Blippy Bloopy Noises!

Posted by Staff
Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Makes Blippy Bloopy Noises!
Star Wars Kinect is a big deal for Microsoft. What happens when Microsoft has a big deal on its hands? It launches a console bundle, of course! And while the game is still looking janky, this limited edition R2D2 Xbox 360 and C3PO controller is looking like the definition of swank.

Microsoft spokesperson Major Nelson introduces the console on a Comic Con edition of Inside Xbox, where you get to see the thing close-up and enjoy the R2D2 sound effects that come out of it when you hit the power and eject button. It makes blippy bloopy noises! Squee!

You also get a white Kinect and a 320GB hard drive for your trouble. Now to wait and see if it will cost us all an arm and a leg to actually get one of these bad boys. Check out the video below and enjoy.


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DrkStr 22 Jul 2011 13:53
Not got a 360, now very, very tempted though!
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