Grand Theft Auto For PlayStation 3 Screen?

Or not…YOU decide!

Posted by Staff
Grand Theft Auto For PlayStation 3 Screen?
Weak Big Brother references aside, French games enthusiast site Jeux-France posted this pic. It claims to be a leaked in-game snap of the new Grand Theft Auto title for PlayStation 3.

The site also claims to offer a leaked spec sheet for the game which states the map will be six times larger than San Andreas and feature (somewhat amusingly) 360 different vehicles. Other snippets include an enhanced resources management aspect (like not running out of petrol - or gas, for our American cousins) and the fact that the game will launch on PlayStation 3.

The report also claims that the game, currently titled Grand Theft Auto 4, will go multi-format and will have a strong online element.

Of course, none of this is confirmed and sits squarely in the corner of the classroom with a big paper hat on...with 'rumour' written upon it in marker pen. We’ll update you as and when (and if) any more emerges.

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