Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas E3 No-show Confirmed

Rockstar spills beans key title to be kept under wraps.

Posted by Staff
Artwork from GTA3
Artwork from GTA3
Over the past few days, we have brought you reports suggesting that the massively anticipated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would not be shown at this year's E3 as expected, astonishing news indeed.

Today we can confirm that the game will definitely not be on display. Talking to a Take 2 source, under terms of anonymity, we asked if the game would be seen. "No, we won't be showing new GTA," we were told. "Definitely not?" we asked. "Definitely not. We are practically doing nothing this year. Everything will be shown after the show", our source continued. "Will the game be on show in some kind of behind-closed doors capacity?" "No. Its not going to be there," said the Take 2 staffer.

So there we have it. Unless this is the best-constructed PR stunt in the history of videogames, involving feeding misinformation to members of staff at the company itself, we'll have to wait until June for a glimpse of San Andreas.

Expect updates in the coming weeks.


sue_raas 21 Apr 2004 13:57
Who told you this? Anne Onimitty? Hugh Jarse? Kylie Unlikely? We have to know why E3 isn't big enough for San Andreas, and Spong is the one to find out. Go Spong!
Deviluck 21 Apr 2004 17:05
We knew this already, and it is not astonishing news. We know rockstar are forthcoming about their games. So all the fans peeing for the games will have to wait.
config 21 Apr 2004 18:57
Deviluck wrote:

>We knew this already, and it is not astonishing
>news. We know rockstar are forthcoming about
>their games. So all the fans peeing for the games
>will have to wait.

Fragment, no suggestions.

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