Nintendo: Financial Losses Mount

The Wii U is just not getting close to making it

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Nintendo: Financial Losses Mount
Nintendo is going to have to face facts: a major restructuring, including compelling new hardware and possible management changes, is called for. It has just posted a 23.2 billion (134,802,202) loss for the year to March 31st 2014.

This loss compares to a profit of 7.099billion in the period to March 31st 2013. The reason? Well basically the Wii doesn't sell anymore and the Wii U hasn't started to make the same level of impact as its predecessor.

In terms of life-to-date sales (it launched in November 2006): the Wii has sold 101.6 million units with 895.22 million units of software attaching to those. In its brief lifespan (it launched in November 2012), the Wii U has done 6.17 million units of hardware with 32.9m software units attached. To give some context to that, the Wii sold some 20.13million hardware units in its first year.

Source: Nintendo and Nintendo again.


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