Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation Dated for PS4, PS3, PC

Bit of a wait yet

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Activision has tossed PlayStation owners and PC gamers a bone with the announcement of the non-Xbox release date for Call of Duty: Ghosts' DLC, Devastation.

There's still a bit of a wait, though. It'll be out on May 8th. It came out last Friday on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The content includes four multiplayer maps (Ruins, Collision, Behemoth and Unearthed); the two-in-one SMG/assault rifle hybrid, the 'Ripper', and a new chapter in the single-player, alien-riddled Extinction story.

For good measure, the Predator has also been chucked in.

More on Call of Duty: Ghosts on SPOnG's dedicated game page.

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