MotorStorm's Kenwright Starts New Studio

Joins growing exodus of studio staff from Sony

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MotorStorm's Kenwright Starts New Studio
Martin Kenwright the man behind ace PS3 off-road racing IP Motorstorm is starting a new studio called Starship having left Evolution Studios which has been late delivering DriveClub a projected PS4 launch exclusive.

Kenwright's announcement comes after a raft of departures from Sony studios (reported here), a studio he left some years ago.

According to Poygon, "Starship currently houses veteran devs from Evolution and Studio Liverpool; collectively, the team has worked on more than 69 titles, including Wipeout, World Rally Championship and Formula 1. Starship will focus on delivering content internationally centered on e-health, entertainment, games and lifestyle."

Says Kenwright, "I saw the real world and realized that developers were fighting in the same backyard. The opportunity is incredible. It's great making games, but with everyone doing it in such a crowded market, you've got to kind of question. The projects that we've alluded to, there's some very exciting gamification."

In short, don't expect driving games.

Source: Polygon



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