GAME Offering Trade-Ins on Man Utd Season Tickets

Also hacked off West Brom and Cardiff City fans can cash in

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We're not adding insult to injury... honest
We're not adding insult to injury... honest
Soccer can be a cruel mistress - just ask David Moyse and Frank O'Farrell both of whom took Manchester United FC after the reigns of successful managers. Hard times came with them - and in the case of Moyes, GAME is making the most of it with a special offer...

Gamers who have paid in some cases thousands of pounds for season tickets to West Brom, Cardiff City and, yes Man Utd, are being offered the chance to trade their poorly performing teams' tix so they can buy
FIFA 14, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 or Football Manager 2014.

The offer is valid from 5pm this Saturday (29 March) a weekend in which West Brom and Cardiff play each other in a relegation tussle.

GAME spokesperson Stephen Lynn said: "In the same night Fellaini can be sold to Coventry and Vincent Tan's controversial red Cardiff home kit reset to traditional blue. No wonder so many fans turn to football games for entertainment and escape on a Saturday night.

"If you're in shellshock from a long season of humiliating defeats, terrible transfers and interfering owners then this is the chance to restart it. Instead you can go home with a game, sack your manager, sign Ronaldo and see your team walk out at Wembley or the San Siro to win a trophy."

Cruel, cruel... surely no fan will take this offer! (If you did, tell us about it in comments)

Source: IBTimes


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