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Flying in the face of Internet critics the deal that took no time.

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The Oculus team - recognise anybody?
The Oculus team - recognise anybody?
There is some disquiet on the Internet regarding the sale of Oculus VR - maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset - to Facebook, maker of Likes. Gamer voices are rising in pitch in fact. But what do the Oculus VR crew think?

"Facebook understands the potential for VR. Mark (Zukerberg) and his team share our vision for virtual reality’s potential to transform the way we learn, share, play, and communicate. Facebook is a company that believes that anything is possible with the right group of people, and we couldn’t agree more," that's what. What is really astonishing, however, is the speed of the deal.

"A few months ago, Mark, Chris, and Cory from the Facebook team came down to visit our office, see the latest demos, and discuss how we could work together to bring our vision to millions of people. As we talked more, we discovered the two teams shared an even deeper vision of creating a new platform for interaction that allows billions of people to connect in a way never before possible.

"Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with Facebook to create the best virtual reality platform in the world."

That's a $2billion deal done in months. That is amazing.

What of the rising squeals and major huff outs based on OVR not being about games any more? Says the team, "Over the next 10 years, virtual reality will become ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative, and it begins with a truly next-generation gaming experience. This partnership ensures that the Oculus platform is coming, and that it’s going to change gaming forever."

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Old Codger 26 Mar 2014 20:58
This went from them wanting £250k to fund the kickstarter to them eventually getting around £2.4m from that I think (amazing in itself!). There was a lot of interest in Oculus Rift and they would certainly have made a packet from it, however If someone came and offered you $2 billion for anything you'd snatch their damned hand off in an instant! I don't like that it was Facebook though. VR Farmville! YAY!!!!!! Ugh. Just my opinion but I actually think that any backlash from this may go towards making Sony's Project Morpheus look more appealing to gamers and game makers alike.
dwizcreations 27 Mar 2014 16:18
While I completely agree with the points @Old Codger is making, I feel as if though we're missing the whole "Social" possibilities of the deal.
Facebook has ample cloud power to run a server based virtual world. They could let users access to this world through a browser based login window and make use of the keyboard/existing controllers or provide a new interface to interact with. This world can host virtual houses for each FB user, companies can have their own virtual real estate to showcase / promote their products and services. Public figures can have appearances and interact with the fans etc. Pretty much a PlayStation home but with aspects that are featured in movies like "Gamer" or "Surrogates". This side of it is quite appealing to me. ( Just my two cents ).
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