UK: Xbox One has Outsold PS4

PS4 maintaining a lead but the sales spike for Microsoft occurred pre-Titanfall

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UK: Xbox One has Outsold PS4
According to a story in the print edition of UK games industry mag MCV, in the UK at least, the Xbox One has outsold the PlayStation 4 for four weeks.

"The machine has benefited from a 30 price cut" says the report which also mentions the 96% sales boost brought by Titanfall, as we reported earlier this week. Where does the mag get its figures?

"Retailers have told MCV that PS4 remains in control. but that Xbox (One's) recent success has been aided by shortages of Sony's console.

"In fact, a fresh supply of PS4s last weekend caused a 72 per cent rise in sales."

Source: MCV Print.

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Shane K. Firth 21 Mar 2014 12:12
Considering how hard it is to get hold of a PS4 this makes sense.

Most places are either sold out or reserving the consoles for large bundles to try and get more out of customers.
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