inFamous Second Son - Day 1 Patch Details

A 300Mb patch brings new missions

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inFamous Second Son - Day 1 Patch Details
Sucker Punch - the developer of PS4 exclusive single-player fest inFamous: Second Son (reviewed here) is popping out a relatively wee Day 1 patch that includes 19 new missions adding five hours of gameplay.

The content - which will also be updated as time goes on - will provide access to the website that is part of the entire inFamous SS experience.

According to Videogamer, "The content forms part of a new 'Paper Trail' storyline, a side-story described by the developer as an "innovative online and in-game story arc" that sees players attempting to discover the full story behind the D.U.P.'s occupation of Seattle through a series of 19 new missions and corresponding "web-based investigations".

Here's that patch and update list for Day 1 though.

Cole’s Legacy Content Pack
• FREE with pre-order
• Explore the events immediately following inFAMOUS 2
• Work with an investigative reporter to understand the source of conduit powers
• Four story missions, approximately 1 hour of gameplay

inFAMOUS Paper Trail Storyline
• FREE bonus missions and exclusive web content[/b]
• Innovative online and in-game story arc co-developed by Sucker Punch and 42 Entertainment
• Manga and murder, follow the trail of origami doves to discover the full story behind the D.U.P.’s occupation of Seattle.
• 19 story missions and corresponding web-based investigations, approximately 5 hours of unique gameplay.

Difficulty Balance
• Normal difficulty has been slightly increased to challenge the player’s mastery of their powers
• Expert difficulty has been fine-tuned to ensure it is the best experience for skilled gamers
• Karma progression extended to support longer playtime

Boss Fights
• The boss fights have been re-tuned for difficulty and fun
• More dynamic boss behaviors and attacks

Pedestrians and DUPs
• Engine performance tweaks to allow for more life and activity in the city
• Increased pedestrian and traffic density and variety
• Increased pedestrian-related karmic opportunities
• Post-story enemy activity and D.U.P. raids

Technical Improvements
• Graphics and performance improvements
• Fixes for a small number of infrequent blocking bugs
• PSN integration to support Paper Trail DLC

See our rview of inFamous: Second Son here.

Thanks to Videogamer

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