On Film: Rovio Reveals New Angry Birds

Massively best selling Angry Birds IP getting a strange new setting

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On Film: Rovio Reveals New Angry Birds
As if there were not already enough p*ssed of avians in the world, Rovio has decided to monetise even more of the damned things in a new setting.

The new game was introduced via the video you can see below with this wording: "The most epic soft launch ever' and towards the end shows the line "Starting in Australia and Canada... Other countries to follow."

NDTV reports that, "n February, Rovio had announced that a new Angry Birds game was in the offering with new birds as playable characters. The game, titled Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever, introduces six new birds with the main protagonist being Stella - a pink bird described by Rovio as 'one of the Angry Birds who is fierce and feisty besides appearing cute'."

As the screenshot illustrating this story suggests a medieval theme... check out the trailer.



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