HMV Slashing Pre-Owned Prices

HMV's challenge to Game and CEX is looking to be dead in the water

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HMV Slashing Pre-Owned Prices
According to reports, HMV is withdrawing from pre-owned game sales in the face of challenges from CEX and GAME among others.

What this means in the short term is that the troubled retailer is slashing pre-owned videogame prices by up to 75% while it retains stock.

Frugalgaming reports that, "Our very reliable source tells that that from Monday 10th March 2014 all pre-owned stock will be reduced to clear all stock. To ensure that the process is speedy, the stock will be uniformly reduced by 75% in all stores!"

It also states that as of "5th March 2014, HMV retail stores ceased selling pre-owned games."

Source: FrugalGaming


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