TitanFall Season Pass Details

Just like the telly... Titanfall has a season, apparently with episodes then?

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TitanFall Season Pass Details
Electronic Arts has released details of the TitanFall 'season pass'. Let's stop and think about that for a moment: Season Pass... like off the telly. It's almost has if the game will have episodes and cliffhangers. It won't.

It will have DLC that you will pay for either as they come or more likely in one lump, a "Season Pass" which should offer discounts over buying each bit of DLC at its one-off price. So, what do you get?

It costs £19.99 in the UK on Origin for PC. However, MCV points out that "the Season Pass costs $24.99 but can be purchased alongside the game for $79.99."

"EA has yet to confirm what content will be included aside from the previously confirmed three map packs. We also donít know their individual pricing, although EA assures that buying a Season Pass will represent some form of saving."

Titanfall details can be found on our tremendous Game Page!


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