Flappy Bird Phones Selling for $Thousands

The death of the game proves to be a boon for the market

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Flappy Bird Phones Selling for $Thousands
Flappy Birds, the video game for iOS and Android that has been pulled from sale by its creator Dong Nguyen has provided a profitable sideline for Ebayers.

As you can see from the image illustrating this story, one such happy marketer is offering a phone with Flappy Birds installed on it for more than $90,000.

What's happened is that there is an assumed rarity factor to the now unbuyable game that no free market (or in this case Ebay market) can resist attempting to exploit.

Meanwhile Dong himself is remaining quite and, we hope, well. It should also be noted that one of the reasons he felt he needed to pull the game - abuse he received from other human beings regarding the pipes he used in his game... well, Nintendo itself never even cared.


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