Destiny Beta Coming this Summer

Launch is going to be the biggest thing everrrrr

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Activision has narrowed the ETA for the Destiny beta, with the company's publishing president and CEO Eric Hirshberg pinning it to 'this summer' during an investor call.

Previously the beta was just pegged for 'early 2014'.

Hirshberg talked up Activision's hopes for the game, saying that the company hopes Destiny will be the third big cornerstone of the publisher's business. “We believe Destiny could be Activision Publishing’s third billion-dollar franchise, and we’re working hard to make it the biggest new IP launch in video game history.

“Together, we are bringing gamers an ambitious and innovative game which combines the intensity of great first-person action, with the character investment and social connections of an RPG in an immense connected universe.

“We believe the game is on track to deliver record pre-orders for a new franchise, a public beta is planned for summer and we expect to launch the game on September 9. We look forward to expanding this universe for years to come and you’ll see much more in the months ahead.”

Bungie has said that it will treat the beta like a "full launch" because Destiny "demands more".

Source: CVG

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