God Dram! Sony Buys Wii U Memory Factory

It's a Fab deal for Sony but what of Nintendo?

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God Dram! Sony Buys Wii U Memory Factory
Sony has only gone and bought the Renesas Electronics semiconductor manufacturing plant at Tsuruoka, in the Japanese Yamagata prefecture! "What!?", you scream. "That's where Nintendo gets is Wii U Dram!"

Calm down for goodness sake, the place was going to shut-down anway. Look how much Sony spent on the place, which it apparently intends to absorb as part of its new Yamagata Technology Center to make CMOS sensors for smartphones...

DualShockers reports that, "Sony paid 7.51 billion yen (a little over 73 million dollars) for the whole package. The transfer of property is expected to happen by March 31st."

It will invest another "27.5 billion yen (a little south of 268 million dollars) to improve the company’s production from the current capacity of approximately 60,000 wafers per month to approximately 75,000 wafers per month."

What of Nintendo? For now there is a clause in Sony's buy contract that says it has to keep making product for existing clients for a short period. And that's where things have been left. Literally no word from Ninty.


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