GTA V for PC Coming: Pre-Orders Friday

Europe set to get the PC version according to one Norwegian

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GTA V for PC Coming: Pre-Orders Friday
PC gamers are a patient lot. Maybe this is because, unlike console users who just sit there all passive, PC gamers spend loads of time waiting for the most up to date parts to be delivered, and then making them work... downloading drivers... rebooting... anyway, their patience is paying off at least when it comes to GTAV.

Apparently Nordic retailer Elgiganten (which is owned by Dixons Retail UK) will start to take pre-orders for the biggest game about car theft ever... this Friday.

GameReactor reports that, "While there's been no official confirmation of the game arriving on PC, and there's nothing yet regarding the pre-orders in the UK, the fact that Swedish gamers will be able to reserve their copy of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is a good indication that it's on its way."

Ah... however, the same report states that, the rumour, "has been confirmed to us via a manager of one of the Swedish stores."



John Craft 30 Jan 2014 20:04
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