Sony Santa Monica is Leaving Santa Monica

Times change and so do game development studios

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Sony Santa Monica is Leaving Santa Monica
Sony Santa Monica - beloved development studio responsible for God of War is moving. Yes, it's relocating out of Santa Monica to join the likes of Playa Vista; Microsoft, Google’s YouTube, TMZ and even Electronic Arts over at an area called 'Silicon Beach' in Playa Vista CA.

To be exact it's moving, "to the southwest corner of the Reserve, a large 20-acre facility on Jefferson Boulevard, in Playa Vista this summer. (No word yet if the studio will update its name, accordingly)."

Variety reports that The Reserve (as the complex is also known) offers, "30,000 square feet of open-air floor plan the redesigned office space offers to Sony’s production teams."

“It’s four or five times the size we have now... and encourages collaboration," said Shannon Studstill, founder and head of Sony Santa Monica. Check it out below.


ergo 29 Jan 2014 12:17
Playa Vista is nice...if you like the hyper-new, pre-fab, look...otherwise it's pretty awful, soulless, stuff.
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