Ruffian in No Crackdown 3 Announcement Shocker

We're sure that the game that Ruffian has announced will be... wacky.

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Ruffian in No Crackdown 3 Announcement Shocker
This morning we were all flustered and full of the vapours at the idea that Ruffian would be announcing Crackdown 3 to liven this dour January. No such luck.

What's actually happened, as you can see from the video below is that the Crackdown 2 development team has announced Game of Glens. Here's how they announced it:



Six Most Re-Releasing Games 28 Jan 2014 07:31

In the gaming world, itís normal to see some games re-release, but some publishers seem to lean on the same [url=http://www.g**********m/]game[/url]s a little harder than others. Below, we list some such games. Take a look.

Resident Evil 4 originally released for the GameCube in 2005, and it was a huge hit. Critics and players alike loved the game, and they bought lots of copies. Nine months later, Capcom re-released the game for PlayStation 2 with added content. Two years later, the game released for PC players. That same year, the game released a fourth time for the Wii with updated controls. For its fifth release in 2008, a tweaked version released for mobile devices, then iPhones, and then iPads. In 2011, Capcom added HD textures and released the game for the PlayStation Network and for Xbox Live Arcade. This year, another new version of the game, the Ultimate Edition HD will release on Steam.

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