Rumour: Crackdown 3 On Its Xbox One Way

Hints upon hints from Microsoft and Ruffian

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Rumour: Crackdown 3 On Its Xbox One Way
Crackdown was a great game. Crackdown 2 was, well, you know... it wasn't Crackdown. But we all love Ruffian, the developer responsible for the latter. So, it's exciting times when the hint of Crackdown 3 is glimpsed on Sequel Hill.

We were already aware that some sort of Crackdown was coming for Xbox One given it was announced at E3 but aside from that we knew little else.

MCV spotted that no only had Ruffian tweeted the following:

But that, "Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer yesterday tweeted that he was ?looking forward to a games announce coming early in the morning? and Larry ?Major Nelson? Hyrb added shortly after that he?s ?got a busy morning coming up tomorrow?.

All we really hope for is that it doesn't go entirely multiplayer online and force micro-transactions onto you.

Have some of this classic stuff while you wait:



ergo 27 Jan 2014 23:38
1/1 love Ruffian, evn if they put out a crappy game? This right here, folks, is a huge part of what is wrong w/ 'game journalism'--if you're friends--or a pet studio--to game journos, you get all manner of passes where a studio without such a cushion would be savaged.
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