Sony Responds: PS4 Error Kills Game Saves - Are Yours OK?

Error CE-34878-0 on Playstation four causing untold gamer sadness

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Sony Responds: PS4 Error Kills Game Saves - Are Yours OK?
Reports, complaints and downright anger are emerging in relation to an error called, like a nasty ScFi virus, simply "Error CE-34878-0" that is affecting PS4s and consumers game saves.

The error is being highlighted in a 36 page thread on Sony's own forums. It is said to affect games as diverse as NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassinís Creed IV to name a few. Sony's response is less than helpful verging on the weak:

"Hey guys,

"If you are experiencing this ce-34878-0 error code, please close the application and then install the latest system software and game patch.

"If the error occurs again, initialise the PS4 system after back-up of the save data and please also submit any crash reports after re-booting your console when the error occurs.

"Hope that helps."

More on it over at Sony.

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