PlayStation Vita Could "Do Without" Physical Sales

Not enough people want Vita's 'core' experience

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PlayStation Vita Could "Do Without" Physical Sales
The PlayStation Vita could "do without" physical game sales in the future, according to Sony's UK MD, Fergal Gara.

“Compared to PS3, Vita has had a higher percentage of games bought digitally since it was first launched,” Gara told VG247. “It’s interesting and it demonstrates how many people look at it as the iPod of handheld gaming.

“More Vita games are still consumed through physical game cards than they are through digital, but things are increasingly moving the other way. Could be that in future physical games becomes the side we do without.”

It's digital-only platforms that have hurt the Vita, according to Gara. He notes that “The market Vita entered was more complicated than it was when the console was originally thought about and designed. Games on tablets and phones have changed the marketplace and people can’t carry too many things around at one time."

Too many people just want a device they can play some sort of game on, versus those who want the Vita's 'core' offering, according to Gara.

More over on VG247.


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