Unboxed: A Steam Machine on Camera

Plus, see the machine's guts

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Unboxed: A Steam Machine on Camera
No sooner has Valve sent Steam Machines out to beta testers than an unboxing video has surfaced.

Admittedly, the box it comes in looks more interesting than the machine itself, but it gives you a sense of what could be sat under your telly in the not too distant future.

This one comes courtesy of Corey Nelson, one of 300 North American testers to receive one of the machines. 30 of them were selected for their proven track record with the Steam community and past betas, the rest were selected at random.

More information on the final machine's release - and on those from other manufacturers - is expected at CES in January.

Also below is Nelson showing the machine's guts. He has more videos on his YouTube channel.

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