Battlefield 4 Gets Another Update

Troubled wargame pushes out another fix

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Battlefield 4 Gets Another Update
Using a locked thread in the Battlelog blog, EA and Dice have announced, well mentioned, that there will be a update to troubled Battlefield 4 on Xbox One today.

The post, which reveals absolutely nothing at all about what the update contains is terse and - in the light of recent events that see EA investigated by a law firm in the USA over BF4, this update is timely. Here's what EA says:

"We will be rolling out the Xbox One game update today, starting 10AM UTC / 2AM PDT. Players may experience some downtime as we upgrade our services. Expect patch notes to become available soon."

And that's your lot.

Go and see it for yourself if you wish.

For a little more info, OXM quotes DICE employee and Battlelog member, Trydling, stating that, "The patch will "focus on stability and some of the feedback we've seen from the community, including a fix for the one-hit kill bug and Commander EMP blur effect".
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