Watch Dogs DRM Nightmare Continues

No let-up for UPlay authentication problems

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If you've been trying to play Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs on your highly specced gaming PC of awesome, the chances are that you've been deeply frustrated - and you still are.

Basically Ubisoft's DRM for the PC version is to make you log-in to its UPlay system - obviously now nicknamed UDontFkingPlay - and to authenticate against its server. Except you haven't been able to with any sort of certainty since the game launched earlier this week. Ubi's response has been less than stellar.

The latest from the games twitter feed is: "The authentication issue affecting our online services is almost resolved. Follow @UbisoftSupport for the latest info."

So we did, and 40 seconds ago, this: "No further information at the moment sorry. [S]"

We'll keep you updated.


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