£87 Million Figure Claimed for PS4 UK 48 Hour Sales

Figures are coming in with £87million spend basis for Sony's console sale of 250k units

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£87 Million Figure Claimed for PS4 UK 48 Hour Sales
According to a figure made available via Chart-Teack to areas of the media, the PS4 has done £87,000,000 worth of business in its first two weeks on sale.

At £349.00 for a base unit this would equate to 248,578 (and a half) PS4s sold to the general public. This is generally being rounded up to £250k PS4 sales.

MCV has the following, "Over 250k PS4 consoles were sold in the UK in the machineís first 48 hours on sale."

Because you're not actually allowed to reprint Chart-Track figures for hardware sales due to platform holder privilege, this was summed up as: "Retail sources have confirmed the extent of PS4ís tremendous performance to MCV following Chart-Trackís confirmation this morning that PS4 is the UKís fastest selling console ever. MCV estimates that UK PS4 sales reached approximately £87m during this period."

We are also reminded that Xbox One sold in the region of 150k units in its first 48 hours on sale.


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