World of Warcraft - More Resources than Ever

Blizzard defending its once all conquering MMO

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World of Warcraft - More Resources than Ever
Michael Morhaime - Chief Executive Officer of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc and President Blizzard Entertainment - has been facing scrutiny from investors regarding the life of World of Warcraft in the face of Free to Play games.

Now, bear in mind that according to Activision/Blizzard, "World of Warcraft remains the world's #1 subscription-based MMORPG and ended the quarter with approximately 7.6 million subscribers." That's down from 8,000,000 in May 2013 of course. So, what does Mike say?

"Well, in the last quarter, the user base has been pretty stable. I think that the way we're viewing customer service for WoW, of course, we want to maintain a high quality of service to our players, but I think we want to continue to look at more efficient and better ways of doing that.

"And so there are a lot of efforts going towards improving customer self-help so that our millions of players don't actually have to contact us directly. But in terms of the content and developing, we have more resources focused on developing content for World of Warcraft than ever before. So we expect to continue having a long and happy life."

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