Sony Goes After Indie Game Devs

Planning to host regular indie dev meets

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Sony Goes After Indie Game Devs
While Microsoft wants to make everybody an Indie game developer for the Xbox One, Sony is actively courting the actual indies.

Whether this is simply a quick reaction to Microsoft's earlier indications that the Xbox One will be useable as a development tool for self-publishing game makers or not is open to interpretation. The info we have to hand is: Sony in London will host regular but undetailed 'events' for " the entire development community."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe senior account manager Agostino Simonetta told Develop that, "The events will be used offer the latest updates on Sony’s PS4, PS3 and Vita platforms, and will be used to discuss topics such as how the PSN is performing and how the install base is looking. Although targeted at European developers, indies from all around the world are also invited."

As we say, details are scant but Simonetta did state in terms of numbers of indie devs currently lined up, "I can tell you I have been there for four years, and one of my colleagues has been in third-party relations for ten years, and we've never seen anything like this. And this is not just PS4, it applies to Vita and PS3 as well."

To be honest, this does reek of quick reaction. Let's hope it's not. Let's hope that the events, which start in London in September, reach out beyond that UK's capital city.


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