Battlefield 4 Careers Can't Cross to New Gen

EA owns up and you have to rank up

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Battlefield 4 Careers Can't Cross to New Gen
It appears that EA Sports is a bit more forward thinking and technically capable than DICE - or FIFA 14 is just less of a complex accomplishment than Battlefield 4.

Why would we say such things? Well, yesterday we reported EA's confirmation that you would be able to take your teams and stats from FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on dowdy old PS3s and Xbox 360s to lovely new PS4s and Xbox Ones... when you buy their versions of FIFA 14. Today, however, comes sad news:

Using the power of Twitter to respond to the question: "what about if I play BF4 on 360 and then when the Xbox One comes does my rank stay the same? I want to clarify!" the Battlefield bot broke hearts with:

"No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3."

Humbug and bah!


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