FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Can Be Transferred

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Can Be Transferred
Well here's a weight off your mind and also off EA's in fact if you're thinking of buying FIFA 14 on September 27th for your old, minging Xbox 360 or PS3 or PC or all the other formats (aside from Wii U) that aren't shiny Xbox One or PS4.

"Today, we announced that FIFA 14 will allow players to transfer their full roster of Ultimate Team players and in-game items from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and from PS3 to PS4," said EA's Peter Moore. And there is more detail.

Things you'll be able to transfer to the new versions of FIFA 14 that you'll buy for Xbox One and PS4 include, "FIFA 14 Ultimate Team full roster, in-game items and in-game currency (coins)?. Players will also maintain their current division in Seasons mode and will be offered ?a one-time choice to transfer their FIFA Points.

?All changes made in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be reflected in both consoles so fans will be able to compete with their squads on either console throughout the season.?



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