Undead Labs Apologises for Unhelpful State of Decay Patch

A mix-up between studio and Microsoft led to patch not fixing anything.

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Undead Labs Apologises for Unhelpful State of Decay Patch
Whoops! Looks like a communication mix-up between Undead Labs and Microsoft has led to a bungled patch release for popular XBLA title, State of Decay. Friday's 'Title Update 1' patch doesn't actually fix anything, because it wasn't properly applied.

The game's executive producer, Jeff Strain, said that the studio had been tracking reports of the "Infestation Bug" post-patch release, to see if the update had any effect. Turns out it didn't, and "the people reporting improvements simply had good luck, not a fixed game."

After apologising profusely, Strain added in a statement that, "We're on the phone with our publisher right now getting everyone mobilized. There's nothing we can do at UL to fix this problem. Once the update has been handed off, the process of getting it to you is something only the Xbox people can handle. So, we're calling in the troops to get going on solving this problem immediately.

"Although we can't directly fix the problem, you are OUR players, and we'd like you to know we're exploring ways to express our appreciation for your patience."

State of Decay was released XBLA on June 5, and within 48 hours sold a whopping 250,000 copies, instantly shooting up the lifetime-to-date sales chart into second place, behind XBLA Minecraft.


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