E3 2013: Sony Clarifies Exec's 'PS4 Third Party DRM' Statement

There is no DRM. Only online passes. Unless you're a first party game.

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E3 2013: Sony Clarifies Exec's 'PS4 Third Party DRM' Statement
Sony Worldwide Studios exec Shuhei Yoshida has re-iterated that there will be no hardware-based used game policy on PlayStation 4, following comments by Jack Tretton that suggested third party publishers could somehow work in online restrictions.

In reality, Yoshida clarified that the online and used game policy for PlayStation 4 will be exactly the same as that for PlayStation 3. The only change? Sony will be discontinuing its Online Passes for first party games, and will expect third parties to do the same. Instead, PS4 online multiplayer will be locked behind a PlayStation Plus subscription.

"What [Jack Tretton] talked about [on GameTrailers] is with the offline portion, there's no difference from PS3 - in that every game is playable on PS4," Yoshida said to CVG. "In terms of just getting access of multiplayer online, it's now taken care of at a platform level by PS Plus.

"Our first party titles had the online pass on PS3 and Vita. We are not doing [that] on PS4 because of that platform level [PS Plus requirement]. It's the same for third parties; when it comes to just giving you access to online multiplayer, it's PS Plus going forward."

Tretton was on record during a GameTrailers interview saying that "The DRM decision is going to have to be answered by the third parties, it's not something we're going to control, or dictate, or mandate, or implement." But it's been made clear that the SCEA head was simply referring to redemption codes and online passes that have been in use this past generation. Sony has no hardware-level online checks or used game restriction technology in the PS4.

But why still let publishers include online passes in the first place? Yoshida explains. "There are lots of different reasons. One is that publishers are providing the network services. The simplest example is an MMO; you have a huge community and your constantly adding content... It's an online service. It doesn't make sense that a disc gives you access to all of the online service forever, right?

"Another example is games that have content DLC included in a season pass. Outside of just giving access to multiplayer, it's at publishers' discretion to come up with a new business model and offer to consumers."

So, no need to panic. False alarm, everyone. Check out the rest of the CVG interview here.


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