E3 2013 CONFERENCE VIDEOS: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony

Watch all of Monday's conferences right here!

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E3 2013 CONFERENCE VIDEOS: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony
The day before E3 is always one of the most exciting of the show. The anticipation that precedes (and the, often, disappointment that follows) each of the conferences for four of the biggest games companies on the planet - Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft - really helps to make the show. And this year, you can watch them all unfold live on this page.

Check back regularly, at the times outlined below (UK time, so bring some Doritos and Mountain Dew for sustenance), to keep on top of all the big announcements coming from Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft. With a new generation of consoles on the horizon, there's a lot of hype for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Which company will steal your heart tonight? Let us know your thoughts as each conference unfolds by using the comments box below.

Microsoft - 17:30

EA - 21:00

Ubisoft - 23:00

Sony - 02:00 Tuesday

Nintendo will be broadcasting its E3 Nintendo Direct on Tuesday at 15:00 UK Time, you can watch it right here.


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